Department of physics here and now

A separate department of physics, originally called the department of technical physics, was established at the former University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen in 1963 after the division of the joint department of mathematics and physics. It was part of the mechanical engineering faculty and its main task was to provide basic physics courses for students of the first two years at the mechanical and electrical engineering faculty.

The establishment of the new Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 1990 was of fundamental importance for the further development of the Department of Physics. Accreditation of the new modern interdisciplinary fields of master's study (current field name: Applied Physics and Physical Engineering) and doctoral study (field name: Physics of Plasma and Thin Films) and the associated strengthening of the department's work team with several important experts in the field of applied physics and physical engineering were important prerequisites for the rapid development of the pedagogical and scientific activity of the workplace.

Now the department is located in the modern building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the ZCU. In addition to teaching, the department also solves fundamental problems in the field of plasma physics, plasma chemistry, thin film physics and solid state physics.